We are the Leader in Leader Storage

We are the Leader in Leader Storage

The Mag's Leader Pack is an innovative storage solution for your leaders

This new solution allows you to stores multiple leaders, increasing your efficiency on the lake, and saving you space in your boat or tackle box.

There are four convenient storage compartments are easy to access and handy for storing miscellaneous items such as beads, blades, spinners, snap swivels, and split shot.

Now you can store 20 or more rigs in a 5 inch diameter by 1 inch wide space. Fits easily in your fishing shirt pocket. There's no mess, your leaders are easy on and off and back in the water fast.

The Mag's Leader Pack has been used and recommended by guides and professional fishermen.

Our Features


U/V resistant rubber band with lifetime replacement warranty


Invented by a fisherman and part time guide with over 30 years of experience on the water


Manufactured in the USA with high quality plastics

Recommended by Experts

Check out the full video from our feature on Outdoorsmen. If you’ve ever been fishing and needed to change your leader, you have probably encountered the frustration of trying to unravel a coiled leader. You know, the one that comes in the small plastic bag you bought at the store? Maybe the ones you tied yourself and have lying all over your boat in different bags? I used to do the same thing and usually ended up with a mess of tangled line (even on a calm day), lost fishing time, and a lot of frustration.

Mag's Leader Pack can help relieve you of these annoyances!

You can purchase here, or look us up on Amazon!

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